Sport - Hiking

  • 4 guided hikes per week - a perfectly organized mountain holiday
  • No minimum number of participants on guided tours
  • Regular themed hikes with many highlights
  • 2 authorized mountain guides the dynamic duo "Mother & Daughter"
  • Even if the weather is uncooperative, we have a great program
  • Free rental of hiking equipment such as telescopic poles, Nordic walking poles, rucksacks, water bottles, weather protection
  • Drying room for shoes and clothing - as well as shoe cleaning area
  • Daily Nordic Walking in the morning with a guide

A hiking experience report

We do not want to withhold the hiking report from our dear guest Horst at this point.
A story about holiday memories, but at the same time a very wonderful praise for us. Thank you, dear Horst, for your efforts and your nice words.

Dear Margit, Melanie and Carina, my second stay in the Eng was not only longer, but also more beautiful. I was pleased with the warm welcome and efforts to adapt the guided walks to my wishes. My main lesson is probably that I can hike alone in mountains and feel safe.

My hiking days:

Guided hike from the small Ahornboden to the Karwendel-Haus.

Guided hike to the Johannisbach Gorge. Private tour: Binsalm

Private: in the morning Lamsenjoch, afternoon waterfall Eng-Grund

Guided hike to the Laliderer valley. Cancelled due to heavy rain. In the afternoon a private tour to the waterfall Eng-Grund.

Alone to the Falken hut.

Guided hike to the Satteljoch. Waiting in front of the Plumsjochspitze. Stop in the Plumsjoch hut.

Alone to the Lamsenjoch hut.

Alone to the Hohljoch and further to the the Laliderer Hochleger towards the alpine guesthouse.

One more time alone to the Lamsenjoch hut. The two couples from the alpine guesthouse arrived half an hour or one hour later at the hut. Even before my first holiday, I had been looking forward to the Laliderer Wände and the Falken hut. This busy destination is what every tourist can find alone. The mountain guides of the alpine guesthouse offer destinations off the main hiking trails, which is very good. So on the first sunny day I made my way to the Falken hut.

Since Falken hut was closed, my second tour took me to the Hohljoch and further to the Laliderer Hochleger up to the view down to the alpine guesthouse.

When I went to the Binsalm right at the beginning of the holiday, I caught up with a group of hikers. To the two young women who walked in front of the group, I said 100 meters in front of the hut: "I have to wait another 5 minutes." "Why?" "Well, down there it said I needed 45 minutes."

With this anecdote at the end, which I always like to tell, I would like to thank you and Jochen and the whole team for my wonderful days in the Eng

Best wishes,


From the ENG to the Lamsenjoch hut
on 26.07.2018 and 28.07.2018

Dear Margit, Melanie and Carina,

after my first solo ascent to the Falken hut on 24.07.2018 I decided to go to the Lamsenjoch hut. At breakfast I agreed with Erika and Wolfgang, as well as with Franzi and Mirko, that we would meet at 12 o'clock at the Lamsenjoch hut. We did not start together. My start time was around 9 o'clock.

The trail to the Lamsenjoch hut usually goes over the Binsalm. Many flowers to the right and left adorn the wayside. Even cows line the path that you have to find in between. At one point I arrived at the crossroads, then I went in the direction of the Hahnkampl and then straight to the Lamsenjoch hut.

The Hahnkampl is too difficult for Horst, said Jochen. But I went a little bit and found a wonderful place for the midday rest. Then I continued hiking on the mountain trail with a view of the Lamsenjoch hut. It gets easier with each time. Even I dared to go the short passage over the Schutthalde. Stony paths did not cause me any difficulties this time either. Happily I reached the Lampenjoch hut at the altitude of 1980 meters. It was ten to twelve and the appetite and even more the thirst were big enough to have my meal alone. Later, when I had already finished eating, my friends came along. Two days later on the last day of hiking I was again at the Lamsenjoch hut and I met a nice couple there, with whom I got along from the first moment. On the way back over the Binsalm I visited the small chapel and thanked for the accident-free holidays. What a wonderful days! My son would like to spend a holiday week with me next year at the Eng. Then I am an octogenarian. I am still busy with holiday arrangements and start already to think about next year. What a joy!