CHILDREN’S HEARTS Holiday with the whole family

Children’s hearts

Our children's world is a real nature paradise for our little guests. You can make children happy with many little things: walks in the fresh air; just pack a backpack and go hiking, climb on the rocks, play in the stream, build a dam...

New: the hit for kids: a mega "trampoline with safety net".
Jump in - it looks effortless, but trains about 400 muscles and is therefore a perfect work-out for children.

With child-friendly hikes in the company of the landlady of the house, children thrive and learn a lot about nature and flower diversity.

The outdoor playground with a sandpit, swings, climbing root, slide, wheels and other attractions, offers plenty of space to play.

Spielschatz Eng Alm

In the middle of the Karwendel Nature Park, one of the largest nature parks in Austria, there is Spielschatz Eng Alm, which makes the cultural heritage of the Silberregion Karwendel - the world-famous Ahornboden - as well as the life on the Eng Alm for children special and unique.

Spielschatz Eng Alm lies on an area of 2200 square metres.

Experience and discover the alpine hut with a barn and dairy, the Heustadl with material cable car, as well as the water wheel driven churn in a small format. There are various natural play areas around the huts, which have a strong connection to the past alpine life and to the typical alpine products.
The attention to detail in each station is unique.

„Spielschatz Eng Alm“ Highlights:

  • The goat pasture
  • The hay barn with cable car
  • The tractor racetrack
  • The mini Ahornboden
  • The tunnel slide
  • The alpine hut
  • The barn
  • The dairy
  • The spring stone and fountains
  • The Motorik Parcours