Mountain bike tours in the Alpenpark Karwendel


The Gross Ahornboden is not only unique in landscape and invites to long hikes, the region has much to offer for cyclists as well.

Located in the heart of the Karwendel, THE ENG at the Gross Ahornboden is an ideal starting point for a variety of cycling tours.

From easy to athletic demanding. The best is by a mountain bike or by popular e-bikes.

Cycling holiday in the ENG

There are free mountain bikes to hire for our guests. For 15 Euro per person, per day you can also borrow a KTM e-bike.

By e-bike you are faster and still athletic.

If you have your own bike with you, there is a covered, lockable parking space at your disposal.

The most beautiful bike tours

We know you all and have the most beautiful bike rides tested and summarized for you.

We are happy to give you tips on individual tours and reveal our insider tips in the region to you.

KTM E-Bikes

There are 2 KTM e-bikes in our house! By an e-bike you will immediately realize how easy cycling can be! Experience the pleasant sides of the e-bike. We guarantee unlimited mobility in the middle of nature by our great KTM bikes.

  • Are high quality mountain bikes with a new super sporty motor.
  • You can cycle 100 km, enjoy and still be very athletic.
  • Especially when cycling uphill in the Karwendel – you do not start sweating so fast with an electric motor.
  • Easy charging - socket! When you make a stop, ask a host, charge the battery & of course recharge your batteries, - on holiday you can pamper yourself!
  • At the reception you will get the best tips for your tours in Alpenpark Karwendel.
  • Price per day and person 18,00 €.

KTM Macina Cross 400

The innovative Bosch technology, which is installed in the engine, guarantees special constant support.

In order the auxiliary engine operates consistently, three sensors steadily measure the current speed, torque and current pedal frequency.

The advantage: the engine is particularly economical, which affects the distance. The cockpit on a handlebar shows which driving mode is set.

The eco mode saves a lot of power; the standard is a tour mode. The sport mode provides dynamic driving, while the second sporty mode has the highest acceleration. The range is also displayed. Especially practical: you have an overview of the possible remaining range - depending on the driving mode.

2 new e-bikes with tube batteries

E-mountain bike hardtail battery mounted

E-Mountainbike hardtail tube battery

Daily price per bike per day: € 35, -

To book a cycling holiday right away in the ENG

From the hotel to the Hinterriss

25 km, altitude of 288 meters, 2 hours
An easy Rissbach tour in a beautiful landscape

Cycle the Asphaltstrasse, along the Gross Ahornboden, past the Hagel hut (1077m) – continue up to the Kreuzbrücke, turn left - continue along the Fortstraße, then down again to the Johannistal parking place 4 - over the small bridge to the Autostrasse, after the tollbooth is the Hinterriss 928m.
There is a deer park in the Hinterriss! Just cycle back the toll road, but it goes uphill again!

From the hotel to the Hinterriss

From the hotel to the Hinterriss
Fitness tour for nature lovers

You cycle to the village of Hinterriss, at the deer garden you cycle left to the Rontal, the dirt road is easy to cycle, of course, with uphill climbs, the Rontalboden is beautiful. You cycle the same way back.

From the hotel to the Plumsjoch hut

22 km, altitude 606 meters, 3,15 hours
Trail with average level of difficulty, with beautiful panoramic views

You cycle from the hotel, turn right at the parking lot 9 - fine gravel road to the Schutzgraben; challenging climb to the Plums-Alm (1423m), past cows, along the alpine meadows and pines to the quaint Plumsjoch hut (1630m. Tip Have a bacon dumpling soup or a house cake – just delicious! For extreme bikers - steep descent to the Gernalm 1263m. Same way back to the Eng!

From the hotel to the Binsalm and Lamsenjoch hut

13 km, 750 m, 4 hours
Demanding to difficult tour under the motto: Heike & Bike

Getting strengthened after breakfast, cycle to the Eng Alm to the left towards the Binsalm (1502m), then to the Binsalm Hochleger, a difficult part with spots where you will have to push your bike. Lamsen J. (1940m) - very narrow climb & difficult manoeuvres to the Lamsenjoch hut (1953m). For those who are ok to push a bike, this is a dream tour. The same way back. Tip to relax: use the steam grotto in the hotel!

From the hotel to the Klein Ahornboden and Falken hut

42 km, 1190 meters, 6 hours
A demanding day tour in the Alpenpark Karwendel

You cycle uphill to the Kreuzbrücke, turn left - along the forest road, the idyllic Johannis valley is perfect for cycling, past the natural water spring to the klein Ahornboden (1399m), left the forest or hiking path towards Ladiz / Falken hut - the famous Lalidererwände is in front of you. Lunch break at the Falken hut (1848m), back way over a narrow path - Schieberecke about 15 - 20 minutes - the main path, after 100m cycle to the left - downhill – the Laliderer valley back to the Eng. (Do not cycle the Hohljoch; for MTB closed.)

From the hotel to the Vereinsalm, Mittenwald, Scharnitz, Karwendelhaus and the ENG

90 km, 1602 meters, 7,5 hours
The classic Karwendel round trip- only for sporty bikers - very demanding

Short ascent to the Verein valley (1387), we recommend a short break to drink, then it goes downhill, along a bike path up to the Mittenwald (912m), continue along the cycle path up to the Scharnitz border, after the bridge you will find the sign KARWENDEL VALLEY – turn off, the unique Karwendel valley is very varied from the landscape; stay on the same forest road, perhaps at the Larchet valley (1173m) make a stop, but please do not eat too much - because after the break we bike to the Karwendelhaus (1771m) and we have to overcome some difficult spots. After the goal is reached, we cycle very rough downhill to the klein Ahornboden (1399m) – the Johannis valley – up to the road - then cycle right to the hotel. Everyone, who takes part in this tour, gets free schnapps from us. Have fun!