With heart and soul

Your hosts

The alpine guesthouse at the Gross Ahornboden has a long history. So recently the 115th anniversary was celebrated. The family, whose coat of arms is over 400 years old, has always been a host family for many years. So it is not surprising that the two sisters Melanie Schwarzenberger and Carina Pfurtscheller-Kofler have now taken over the alpine guesthouse and nature hotel in the fourth generation and continue this tradition with much joy, dedication and enthusiasm.

After attending the tourism school of Villa Blanca, the two sisters gained experience in gastronomy abroad and learned new languages. Back in Austria, they managed together the gastronomy of the Hochalmlifte Christlum in Achenkirch and have been managing directors of the Segnal business in Außerfern for 5 years. As passionate heart-and-soul hosts, they are now happy to be back in the family business and to welcome their guests with heart and dedication.

“The narrower the valley, the closer are people. It is very important for us to receive our guests as friends. Our house has always been known for that, and that's the way it should stay. We do not want to operate a hotel, which we "leave" every evening. We live and work in our house, together with our guests and together with our staff.
That's the special thing about the Eng "

Your hosts.
With heart and passion